Professional Tile Flooring Installation

tile contractor sarasota flTile floors are a great way to add style in any room: bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens or your entire house. We are professional Sarasota tile installers and hardwood flooring company, with many years of experience in various types of flooring installations like tile, vinyl and laminate flooring.

Our tile installation professionals can help you with your decision making process, from choosing the right tile floors and to their installation.

Tile floors have been around in many variations for thousands of years. Tile is easy to clean and maintain, and is durable lasting a long time. The cost to install tile floors depends on the type of tile you want to use, and the size of the floor you want to put it on.

Tile floors come in two main types: ceramic floor tiles and porcelain floor tiles. Ceramic tiles are made from clay and baked at high temperatures in kiln ovens. They usually come with a unglazed or glazed look and feel, which both can add character or a different look to your home.

The porcelain floor tiles are made from porcelain clay which is cleaner, whiter and costs more than ceramic clays. Porcelain clays are usually baked at much higher temperatures than ceramic clays to produce porcelain tiles that are very hard and with a surface that is moisture proof. An added benefit and advantage because that makes it easy to clean and maintain over a long period of time.

When choosing which tile floors to go with, you have to take into account the sub-floor of your home, to make sure that it can support the tile, mortar, grout and preparation materials that go along with tile floor of your choice.

The sub-floor is the bottom structural floor that supports your decorative floor finish like tile, carpet, marble, hardwood, laminated wood, or vinyl floor tiles. The sub-floor can be a concrete sub-floor or a wood sub-floor, which is also taken into consideration when choosing the tile that is suitable for the type of sub-floor in your home. In addition, you also have to make sure to select the right sealer, grout and mortar suitable for the tile of your choice.

Cracchiola Renovations is a professional Sarasota tile flooring company and we know how to handle all these issues that go with a tile flooring installation. By choosing us, you can avoid all the hassle and stress of doing it yourself. We are very good at what we do, and we will give you a competitive price quote for any home renovation you may need including house painting services, landscaping job, and/or handyman services.

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