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Wood flooring is a very popular option with many home owners, compared to laminate, or other options such as tile or vinyl, when choosing what type of hardwood floor to install. It’s not hard to see out why. Who doesn’t like the look of a polished, shiny wood floor in their home. It looks really good and impresses everyone who visits your house.

So if you are looking for a reputable Sarasota wood flooring installer, look no further than Cracchiola Renovations Inc. We specialize in hard wood flooring installations of all types, in addition to our handyman services, and we have many happy customers, who are very satisfied with our work. We come highly recommended.

There are many options when choosing what type of hardwood floors to go with: bamboo, walnut, oak, white oak, cork, hickory, cherry, maple, Brazilian cherry and many others. It all depends on what kind of style or look you want to go with.

You can try a contemporary look and style, or a rustic, classic vintage style that’s a throw back to the good old days. Both can add to the uniqueness and character of your home, increasing its value.

It’s no wonder many home owners thinking of selling their homes do a major renovation, like kitchen upgrades,¬†or bathroom renovations, landscaping, painting to get their houses ready for the market. Thereby, increasing the value of their homes and making it attractive to potential buyers.

When installing hardwood floors, it’s important to take into account, among other things, factors like moisture. Because moisture or changes in moisture levels can cause issues or damages, such as gaping and warping. Making your floors uneven and unattractive, thereby needing repair.

Wood Floor Refinishing Service

That’s why it pays to have a professional opinion about what kind of wood floors you want to install. Or maybe you just need a wood floor refinishing, instead of a full floor replacement. Because, by just having hardwood refinish work done, this can save you time and money in any kind of flooring renovation.

Another thing to keep in mind when installing wood floors, is that the materials you use come with manufacturer guidelines and recommendations. These are meant to help home owners keep and maintain their hardwood floors for a long time.

That’s why its always recommended to add a layer of protection by adding a moisture barrier during installation, in order to protect against moisture damage.

We can help you with all the choices and decisions you need to make to install the right wood floors for your home. From hardwood construction and materials, to choosing the right designs, and answering any questions on how best to take care of your wood floors after installation is done.

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